Sway’s Mother and Brother Speak on Trials and Tribulations of Growing up in Oakland + Tell Stories About Sway

The Sway in the Morning live-broadcast from Oakland before the Super Bowl was an incredibly special day for Sway and his hometown friends and family. Bringing his older siblings Gina and Terry through as well as his mother Patricia, Sway speaks candidly about growing up in Oakland and always making conscious decisions.

Hearing Sway speak about T’s influence is a special experience. Joking that he’s a hard person to land a punch on because of his tiffs with T at an early age, Sway remembers how his mother raised him to be a conscious individual and how playing team sports instilled morals in him that he continues to use to this day.

Sway’s mother also takes the mic to talk about raising three children in Oakland. Recalling taking Sway with her to class, Sway’s mother speaks on teaching Sway and his siblings about determination. Getting Sway into a summer creative writing class at UC Berkley when he was a teen, Sway’s mom elaborates on how Sway’s first paper turned into a rap.

The conversation continues on with personal stories and advice for young men and women in Oakland looking to make a difference. You can tell Sway, his mother, and his siblings have a deep love for their city and passion in their hearts to make it a great place to live.

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