Sway’s 91-Year Old Grandmother Joins Him Live On-Air First Time Ever

From chasing music inspired dreams becoming a staple in hip hop culture to having casual conversations with President Obama, Sway has provided music with so much and this Super Bowl weekend gave him something back. While doing the live SITM broadcast live and direct from his hometown of Oakland, he was able to not only share this huge moment with his city but his family as well. For the first time in his career, Sway put his grandmother live on air in what was something truly movie script worthy.

When you think of her journey to 91 years, it has to be incredible witnessing the first ever black president in office and she admits it’s “a really good thing.” Even taking it a step further her grandson interviewed him inside of the White House, there is probably no words to describe how proud she is. Throughout the conversation you can tell those feelings are mutual as she carries on the conversation talking about some great things in Oakland many miss out on.

Check out the first ever on-air conversation between Sway and his grandmother below:

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