#SwayColdCyphers in South Africa

#SwayColdCyphers in South Africa

Sway took a trip to South Africa and a cypher broke out. Hip-hop truly has no borders and is proving to be the most popular genre of music known to man. So Castle Lite reaches out to hip-hop’s number one journalist and personality to host a series of events focused around the culture. Below are some behind the scenes  images captured by Yinka Soda.

Sway brought some of the illest emcees in Africa out to hit the stage for the cypher. A Reece, Rouge, Espiquet, Moozlie, J Molley and The Big Hash came to shut it down. Peep the entire cypher playlist below. Let us know who you were feeling the most.

  1. Hello Sway, we`ve been following and supporting you right from Moscow here, as Africans we like what you are doing and we wish you well to do more. I started listening and watching your programs in 2016 when I first came to Moscow, Russia from Cameroon in Africa, my brother was living here already and he was the one who told me about Sway`s interviews. Unfortunately he got locked up in the St. Petersberg prison and died 2 years later in 2018.
    Please Sway, can you use your platform to solicit for help of just a return ticket to Africa for us Africans here? a few brothers and sisters from Africa are starving here due to the Covid-19, and have no means to purchase a flight ticket back home. We just need a little push and support.
    Moscow Russia

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