Sway Teams Up With Joel and Victoria Osteen for the Generation Hope Project with Dr. Eric Thomas, Stephanie J. Pride, Christon Gray & Mali Music

First meeting at the Super Bowl this past year, Sway and Joel and Victoria Osteen both share a common goal of spreading hope and uplifting people through their respective platforms. Bringing the people of Detroit together they shared their message through the Generation Hope Project, a day of worship and music.

Starting off the event Sway speaks on the music history of Detroit with Motown Records and much more. Looking to bring forward talent from the city of Detroit Sway introduces worship artist Stephanie J. Pride. Singing through some uplifting tracks with ease she joins Sway for a quick conversation about hope after her set. Losing her father last year she says she dealt with the pain through writing a song titled “See You Again.”

Up next to the stage is Dr. Eric Thomas who went from being homeless to obtaining his PhD. He powerfully preaches a message of rising above the struggle. Bringing forth change he talks about helping kids obtain their GED’s. Something that takes work and passion he continues to inspire the crowd with his love and kindness.

The guests continue to impress as Kirk Franklin signee Christon Gray takes the stage and knocks his performance out of the park. He tells Sway that he was inspired by the Motown era of artists so making impactful music has always been something he’s wanted to go. “I have a story only God can tell,” he says.

Next Sway, Joel and Victoria take the stage and tell the story of how they first connected. Both Joel and Victoria share their thoughts on hope and finding common ground with people who are different than us. Speaking on faith in music, Joel opens up about how sometimes powerful music speaks to people in a way that the spoken word just can’t do.

Mali Music takes the stage for a brief minute but unfortunately the Detroit weather just couldn’t hold. Heading inside he speaks about what it means to be invited to such a great event.


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