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Sway Takes Denver: Trev Rich Talks Being Cash Money’s Newest Signee + Performs Live

Sway in the Morning visited Denver, Colorado on 4/20 to showcase some of the city’s rising talent. We got Cash Money’s newest signee, Trev Rich, to perform “Payback,” along with a freestyle. We talked to the Mile High City emcee about meeting Birdman, his come up, and growth as a rapper. Rich has a lot riding on his shoulders, as he’s Denver’s first-ever breakout hip-hop artist. He’s keeping himself grounded and focused on his passion. “Me just living my life, I go through something every day that I can write music about. I feel like every musician can relate to that if they’re making music that, you know, touches their soul . . . Where I am right now mentally, is the evolution of Trev.”

The Denver rapper’s first album under Cash Money, To Make a Long Story Short, is out now. Audiences can expect Rich’s music video for the single, “Flex” to drop on BET Jams this week.

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