It was a full house at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Theater on 4/20 as Sway in the Morning showcased some of the city’s prominent artists. We had international recording artist and 2014 Music Educator Grammy Nominee, DJ Cavem break down what it means to be a “hip-hop gardener.” Cavem’s work aims to build a bridge between hip-hop culture and youth in order to help make an eco-friendly environment.

Recently, Cavem’s initiative received a proclamation from the Mayor of Denver, which officially declared June 14th “Keep it Fresh Day.” Cavem wants to redefine the image of wealth in hip-hop, “everybody know how we can celebrate death, dumb, and violence, but we have to celebrate health and wellness as well.”

Watch below as Cavem shows us the energy of fruit and vegetables through music. He raps about sustainability, the importance in eating healthier, and being in tune with the Earth.

Check out Cavem’s website for more music and details on his culinary concerts.

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