Sway SXSW Takeover: Uncle Murda Speaks on "Hands Up" Video Controversy, Solving Police Violence & Introduces Jay Watts + Performs Live!

One of Sway In The Morning’s most entertaining guests, Uncle Murda, recently stopped by during coverage in Austin, Texas for SXSW.

Thinking back on an old interview on Sway In The Morning with Mike Tyson, Uncle Murda and Sway share a laugh about how hype their experience was.  Joking about cleaning his name up to just ‘Murda’ we hear the clever humor that the New York native possesses.

Transitioning to a much more serious topic we hear Uncle Murda explain the controversy surrounding his video for “Hands Up” featuring Maino which shows the duo pointing a gun at a cop.  With his video only showing a still frame of the duo pointing a gun while there are full videos of cops harassing citizens, Murda puts forward his candid thoughts on the subject of Eric Garner and others who have been killed.

Speaking on new music, Uncle Murda introduces South Jersey native Jay Watts who explains his sound and performs live after Uncle Murda kicks off a quick freestyle.  Check out the full interview below and keep up with Uncle Murda and Jay Watts on Twitter @unclemurda & @JayWatts_.

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