Sway SXSW Takeover: Tiara Thomas Reminisces on Music Industry Discussion With Heather B over Drinks, Maintaining Happiness While Creating + Talks Weed Habits & Dream Smoking Partners

With recent success releasing tracks and videos for “Fly As Hell” and “How It Is,” the incredibly well-rounded Tiara Thomas was kind enough to stop by Sway In The Morning during SXSW.

Reminiscing on a fun night out with Sway In The Morning’s pro mixologist Heather B, Thomas reflects on an industry talk over drinks.  Discussing her management situation and getting to know exactly who she is as an artist we hear Thomas’ take on the importance of being happy while making new music.

With so many artists being pinned down to a certain stigma we hear how people wanted to see her as someone who didn’t smoke weed.  Speaking on the special bonding experience she shares with those she smokes with, Thomas names Snoop and Beyonce as her dream smoking companions.

You can keep up with Tiara Thomas on Twitter @Tiara_Thomas and make sure to hit up her YouTube channel to see “Baking With Tiara Thomas.


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