Sway SXSW Takeover R&B Edition: Elle Varner, T-Pain & G.L.A.M. Have a Much Needed Conversation About The Value of Music & How Social Media Has Forever Changed The Industry

With intelligent minds comes quality conversation and we got just that with the appearance of Elle Varner, T-Pain and G.L.A.M. on Sway In The Morning live from SXSW.

Speaking on the importance of diversity in music we hear Elle Varner’s thought process behind her new song “F**ck It All” as she explains how she works every day to not be put inside a box on one type of music.

The legendary T-Pain joins in the conversation with his two cents on the topic of being pigeon holed as people have attempted to do to him time in and time out.  With all three artists joining in the conversation we hear a thought provoking discussion on the importance of culture and letting artists do what they are meant to do, create!

With the ever expanding role of social media we hear each artist contribute to explaining how music in the social media age has resorted to being all about appearance and less about the music itself while everyone has their own opinion on everything that is made.

Reminiscing on looking back at social media activity and wanting to be liked and respected we hear T-Pain speak on wanting to see positive responses to his performances and music he puts out.  We also hear T-Pain discuss the title of his upcoming project “The Iron Way” and what it means to him.

Watch below for an inspiring take on the current state of music and working outside the box below, you won’t be disappointed.

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