Sway SXSW Takeover 2016: Talib Kweli Performs Live for Austin Crowd + Introduces New Artists K Valentine and Space Invaders

“This morning, I woke up…feeling brand new, jumped up…feeling my highs and my lows….” At least 9 out of 10 hip hop fans can finish that chorus to “Get By” and that may never change. The wordsmith with purpose Talib Kweli came through for our #SwaySXSW broadcast and provided a great example to every single hyena in the crowd.

As he tore through a few tracks, including the classic “Get By” as the crowd almost overpowered his vocals singing word for word – we got a couple of surprises as K Valentine out of Chicago joined Kweli on stage. As she hopped in the mix with a mile a minute precise flow, it didn’t take us or the crowd long to figure out why she was there. She definitely has some go lyrically, it will be fun to watch her develop as the growing world of female MCs continue to impress. That wasn’t the only act worth an introduction as his Cincinnati duo Space Invaders took over the stage as well.

Check out the full Talib Kweli performance below:

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