Sway SXSW Takeover 2016: Austin Cypher Day 2

Sway SXSW Takeover 2016: Austin Cypher Day 2

After a great day one at the YouTube Music space, word has spread to artists all over SXSW – if you have bars take advantage because there was only one day left to get that unique Sway in the Morning look. Not only did more hyeenas show up for the second day of our #SwaySXSW broadcast but they the line was wrapped around the building at 6a. Dedication with no excuses, sounds like a recipe for success.

First up was a true spitter, @LivinANoyd that gave us some heavy metaphors and a flow that laid solid foundation to a great day two. Next was the LBC’s @therealmrmidas bringing some of that Cali flavor to Texas and @GenesisXusic followed up with a duo look that hip hop rarely sees these days. Coming by way of the BK, was @Radamiz and as soon as he walked on stage expectations went up – dude didn’t let us down either. The consistency was on display with @Def_i and @WakeSelf both made the trip from New Mexico.

Check out the fresh start to Day 2 of our #SwaySXSW takeover.

Sway decided to surprise the crowd and bring a ringer to start the second set of our Austin cypher with @Grafh. As ‘Painkillers Reloaded 2‘ nears, it was a good opportunity to let loose with free bars and give fans a reason to grab his project. Some would be afraid to go after Grafh but Houston shows no fear as @TonyRi_chard got into a fire 16 of his own. Next was a familiar hyena, @Phene who makes wack MCs think twice about their career choice. New York was back in the place with @G5_ELZ working the stage before @ZZznarco woke things up even more. Philly has a reputation for having some of the nicest when it comes to bars and @ChillMoody lived up to his city’s name. Definitely one of the hardest in this round. Things ended nicely with a Texas touch as Dallas native @TheChromeOzone put his stamp on our #SwaySXSW stage.

Check out the second round of hyeenas below:

The last and final round gave birth to some of the hungriest MCs without a doubt. Some had been there for two days in hopes of being able to participate while others yelled, raising a hand with dreams of killing the Sway in the Morning – everyone that got a chance in this one, held. it. down.

The ladies came out in full force as @Zero2Aphiniti and @AjaBoogie tore the stage down early! @SlimDollars was next up to give his Friday Fire #SwaySXSW edition before making room for  as the second half of The Reminders gave us some quality hip hop vibes. Check out the final round of our cypher below and be sure to follow us @SwaysUniverse for more clips from an amazing SXSW.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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