Sway Shines Light On An Evening Of Class: The White House Correspondents Dinner

Each year, the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) brings members of the press, politicians and celebrities together for an annual dinner created specifically for leaders in their respective industries. On April 25 our own  Sway Calloway attended the highly anticipated affair that included Alicia Keys, Chrissy Teigen, Laverne Cox, host Cecily Strong and more. During a recent sit-down with MTV, he shared what is like to attend one of the most coveted political events of the year. Check out some of his thoughts below or read the interview in full here.


How he learned of this year’s invite:

“I actually went two years ago with my daughter, but you never expect to get the invite, so it’s always a pleasure and a surprise. [Members of] the Obama administration called Sirius and asked if I would attend and I was honored to accept it. I’ve never seen a physical invite; it’s always been either a phone call or email.”

‘Sway in the Morning’ Has Fans In The White House:

“The president’s administration, they talk to us a lot and they listen to ‘Sway in the Morning.” They were literally pulling me aside at the dinner to say ‘We really appreciate what you’re doing on the political front, because you’re sparking these conversation every morning and we just want you to know that we’re listening and we want to know how we can get more involved with some of the things that you guys are doing. So that’s something that I’m looking forward to.”

On running into friend Killer Mike:

“I asked him what his conversations were like at the table, and he said he was talking about what he sees for the black men in America, considering all that has been going on with law enforcement, inequality and discrimination. He said he got a chance to talk about the teachings of Marcus Garvey and the honorable Elijah Muhammad, about how they were able to teach infrastructure and business. Anybody having those conversations at an event like that is making progress and making change happen.

#InCaseYouMissedIt: Watch Sway Get Candid In A Sit-Down With President Obama here.

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