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Sway Preps Ant and Slug of Atmosphere for a Day of “Fishing Blues”: Episode 1

Legendary rap duo Atmosphere has been making music together for the last 20 years. Perfecting their sound in the land of 10,000 lakes they’re currently preparing for their next studio album titled “Fishing Blues” which is set to drop August 12th. Now, with a title like that and their close proximity to so many bodies of water you would assume they would be fishing masterminds, right? Wrong. Looking to get out on the water and rip a few lips the Rhymesayers artists put a call in for some lessons and the man they called was our very own Sway.

Starting things off speaking on the legacy of Atmosphere and their undeniable ability to make music that’s spanned the test of time, Sway meets Ant and Slug at a store to get set up for a day on Lake Minnetonka. Cracking jokes and slipping in little bits of fishing info they make their way to the lake. Watch the full episode above.


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