Sway & Omarion Host #TimesSquareYearbook, A Celebration Of Students

Recently the Get Schooled foundation issued a challenge to students across the country, asking them to submit an outline of their goals and a plan to achieve them. Now in it’s third year #TimesSquareYearbook returned, selecting over 500 students and featuring them on billboards in the heart of Times Square in celebration of their achievements.


On June 10 our own Sway Calloway and Omarion hosted the unveiling, allowing a select number of students to view the ceremony live from MTV Studios. While performing his smash “Post T where they joined the singer on stage as he performed the smash “Post To Be.” They were also introduced to Taco Bell Ceo Brian Niccol, who surprised each winner in attendance with a $1,000 college scholarship.

get schooled


The hosts offered their own words of advice, motivating the group to keep chasing their dreams even after graduation. Said Sway,”A lot of times we offer people opportunities and they don’t know if it’s true.” When you see opportunity in your face you should take it. It can change your life.”

Speaking with The Huffington Post, Get Schooled Executive Director Marie Groark explained, “We wanted to put something together where we would recognize young people who have persisted and promised to continue to persist, and recognize them for their academic efforts.”


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