Sway In The Morning rewind clip of the week #TBT

Sway In The Morning rewind clip of the week #TBT

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we’ve chosen to bring light back to one of highly favored Sway In The Morning interviews of all time. Odd Future stopped by Sway’s Universe to drop some freestyles as well as promote his upcoming album at the time “Wolf”.

Tyler went on to talk about how “sh-tty” of a job he did on the album but decided to release it anyway. Of course, by the time the album was released, we learned that the “Wolf” project was far from “sh-tty”. Having visuals and production help from one of the GOATs *clears throat* Pharrell Williams, it’s almost impossible to produce anything shabby. Pharrell and Tyler have proven to be a force in Hip-Hop both together and separately.

As always, Tyler Jasper and Taco were in rare form as they all took turns spittin’ acapella. Sway, Heather and the rest of the crew found it quite entertaining… You probably will too.

Happy Throwback Thursday guys!

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