Sway in the Morning goes in with Kreayshawn

Check out Sway on his new morning show, as he interview’s with one of Hip Hop’s most buzzing acts, Bay area rapper Kreayshawn…

Article by: D.L Chandler

Affiliated with members of the Odd Future collective, Sway and co-host Devi Dev caught wind of a supposed beef between Kreayshawn and the rapping half of OFWGKTA duo MellowHype Hodgy Beats unfolding on Twitter. However, the “Gucci Gucci” rapper didn’t appear extremely phased by the online tiff and chose to take the high road instead of slamming her rap pal on the air.

After Sway gave Kreayshawn props on her quick rise, the host pressed the rapper on the issue at hand after witnessing the serve and volley between Hodgy and herself. “That wasn’t even a back and forth, I was just playing around, “said the petite MC. “I don’t know, he just kind of said something that hurt my heart. I didn’t say anything back.”

Devi Dev dug further to find out what was said to which Kreayshawn responded with, “He was like ‘You’re a cool person but you’re not special.’” Kreayshawn moved on from answering further although she did acknowledge she may have an idea of why Hodgy tweeted his sarcastic words towards her.

Kreayshawn signed with Columbia Records this year and will release her debut album before 2011 is out. The sometime video director for fellow Bay area rapper Lil B also has a 2010 mixtape Kittys X Choppas under her belt as well.

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