In-Studio Series

Sway in the Morning Concert Series: Konshens Performs Live In-Studio

Jamaican artist, Konshens, currently holds the number one single on iTunes’ reggae charts and his music video for “Bruk Off” holds over 50 million views on YouTube. Konshens joins us this morning to talk about his roots and his path toward pursuing music as a career. He credits his older brother as a major influence, “After high school I started going to the studio and vibing with him and then that’s when I fell in love with music from the production standpoint.”

In order to learn more about his cultural background we ask Konshens to break down traditions and rituals from Jamaica. The Caribbean island nation is famed as the birthplace of reggae music and it’s various dance styles. To our surprise Konshens admits that he puts his country to shame when it comes to his dance moves.

Konshens’ performance had Heather B up on her feet. Watch this concert series below.

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