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Sway in Chicago: Pivot Gang Pays Respect to Member, John Walt, and Performs Their Song, ‘Westside Bound 3’

Pivot Gang comes to Sway in the Morning’s live broadcast in Chicago and performs their song, ‘Westside Bound 3’. Rapper, Saba, introduces all of the Pivot Gang members: MFnMelo, SqueakPivot, Joseph Chilliams, and Frshwaters.

After serving four and a half years in prison, member Frshwaters offers some words of wisdom based on his experience in the system. He explains that in prison, “Its all about what you were doing when you were there. It can make you. It can break you… You’re just by yourself. You gotta live with you.” Now that Frshwaters is out of prison, he expresses his aspirations to empower and build up his community by hopefully building schools for the youth.

One member that unfortunately was not present on stage was John Walt, who was murdered in February 2017. With Walt’s mother present in the crowd, the Pivot Gang gave homage and recognition to their friend and member of the group.

Tune in to hear more about how Pivot Gang was created and the performance of their song, ‘Westside Bound 3’.

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