Sway Calloway Protégé GLAM Is Next To Rep The Bay

Via OkayPlayer

Sway Calloway protégé and product of Oakland rap royalty, rising MC GLAM is out to break barriers and represent lovely for The Bay with a merciless flow and fierce presence that help to make sense of her recently meteoric rise. The child of Oakland legends Dangerous Dame and Nic Nac, GLAM burns through mics with the presence of a seasoned professional and the kind of lyrical skill that could finally shatter the gender divide to truly level the playing field in hip-hop.What do you think?

The release of The Feel mixtape at the top of 2014 and a mind-melting freestyle during a recent visit to Sway In The Morning should provide more than enough proof of GLAM’s overwhelming talent and acute ability to see the field in a way that few rising MC’s have demonstrated in recent years. Upping the ante, Sway – moved by GLAM’s potential as a game-changer – has taken a personal stake in the trajectory of her career.What do you think?

Dropping comparisons to Nas circa “Live At The Barbecue” and citing a serious desire to protect her from the ills of the music industry, Sway’s description of her talents and pedigree suggest she will be next in line to take the Bay Area rap throne. Setting her sights on revolutionizing the entire game, GLAM’s ideas about her future suggest she’s just as prepared to deploy the good lyrics and music at the core of her sound to take the world by storm. Check the footage below to get the skinny on GLAM. Download The Feel mixtape and keep up with the latest from GLAM via glamishere.com. Follow GLAM2k1 on Twitter and glamnotglam on Facebook for more.

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