Sway and Gil Kaufman Share Memories of Prince + Take Calls from People Who Met Prince & Special DJ Wonder Mix

The life and legacy of Prince will live on forever through special stories shared by people who were close to the music icon. Phoning long time MTV News reporter Gil Kaufman, Sway and the Crew speak on Prince’s legacy and share the times they were able to interact with him.

From Sway experiencing Prince on and off camera to hanging out at the House of Blues in LA and seeing him live at First Avenue in Minnesota, every memory of Prince will stay sacred and never be forgotten. While on the phone, Kaufman speaks on his 5 minute time limit to interview Prince after he walked in on him having a dance party.

Sway and the crew also take calls from Minnesota residents that had met Prince. From a video store clerk who detailed Prince’s love for classic movies to a man that Prince made sure was having fun at a Paisley Park party, the stories people have are both incredible and inspiring.

Listen to these stories below along with DJ Wonder‘s special Prince Mix

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