Suspect Killed After Stabbing 4 At UC Merced

Suspect Killed After Stabbing 4 At UC Merced

Authorities have confirmed that a suspect has been killed on the University of California, Merced campus, after stabbing four people just outside of a classroom building on Wednesday morning. According to police, the suspect was also a student of the university, though no motive has been revealed yet. Moving quickly, the university sent an alert shortly after 8 a.m. in an effort to warn any students in the vicinity.

Police have not yet identified the suspect as details are still emerging, but have confirmed that 2 victims were via helicopter to a nearby hospital, while 2 others were treated locally. Also injured during the assault was a construction worker who reportedly rushed in to break up what he assumed was a fight.

Speaking to the Merced Sun-Star, John Price, the father of that construction worker revealed, “They heard a scuffle in the classroom right across from where they were working and it sounded like a fight. So (my son) opened the door and the guy lunged at him. It got the (attacker) outside the room, away from others.”

This story is still developing.



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