Surprise Announcement: New Album by DMX, "Redemption of the Beast"

Surprise Announcement: New Album by DMX, "Redemption of the Beast"

Stop! Drop. Shut ’em down, open up shop!

Apparently, that’s how Ruff Ryder’s roll — because former leader of the pact to Ruff Ryder, “DMX” (Dark Man X) has surprised us with an 8th album release announcement.

The album is titled “Redemption Of The Beast” and has been penciled in to release January 13.

As he once said in his most famous track (“Ruff Ryder Anthem“):

Give a dog a bone / Leave a dog alone / Let a dog roam and he’ll find his way home.

Well it looks like DMX has done enough roaming, and he has finally found a home in this 8th album. In hopeful thinking, folks say that Redemption Of The Beast may just be DMX’s comeback.


The project will be released in a 2 CD and DVD package. The first part of the CD features 16-tracks (some have previously leaked) while the other will be the out of print, 2012 release Undisputed. The DVD on the other hand will contain 35 minutes of behind the scenes footage and videos that have never been seen.

I could do you a favor and list the 16-track titles, but what’s the point if you can’t listen to it? Just hold off until the 13th of this month, we got you covered.

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