Super-producer Laney Stewart Presents Alex Jacke "Fashion"

Alex Press Pic

Super-producer Laney Stewart is back again with his artist, Alex Jacke and their new single, Fashion. The track is executive-produced by Laney Stewart and produced by “The Difference,” Stewart’s new production discovery. A lethal combination, including it’s old school vibe with a new school approach and a fire uptempo beat, this track is a sure recipe to have women putting on a show for an audience or in front of the mirror while no ones watching.

What makes this record stand out even more is it’s universal message that relates to women everywhere; Who do they dress up for!? Most of us can agree that a woman’s goal when she puts on her killer outfit is not so much to steal a mans heart, but to be the envy of every girl in the room and KILL the competition. Hence the hook…

“The girls don’t do it for love, they do it for Fashion!”

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