Sunny Rain Releases Visuals For “Country Gramma”

Sunny Rain Releases Visuals For “Country Gramma”

Sunny Rain just released new visuals for her new song “ Country Gramma. The hip hop artist has found a way to fuse all the sounds of her favorite genres of music into her own style. A mixture of hip hop, soul, funk and R&B, her sultry voice glides over the production of Issac Da Inventor. Inspired by artist like Mia X, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Timbaland, Sunny Rain is out to give people something they never heard before. The St Louis representative is ready to show the world what’s she’s made of. 

“Country Gramma” video is shot and edited by Nico Nel. It’s dim lighting and abstract background proves positive for the songs overall feel. Sunny Rain let’s her words flow smoothly over the beat, while her voice meshes perfectly with the beat. 

Check out “Country Gramma” below and look out for Sunny Rain. 

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