Summertime "By Dom Kennedy;" The OPM Generals New Album Is Now Out

Dom Kennedy is a man of the people.

A man who has impeccable beat selection.

A man who makes music capable of making you jump in the whip to take a multiple hour drive for no reason.

With minimal promotion and nothing but the hype of the fans, Dom Kennedy has dropped his latest studio album, “By Dom Kennedy.”  Like usual Dom Keeps it real with his West Coast style and beats that will have you nodding your head with little recollection that it’s happening.  Dropping two singles prior to the album’s release in “Represent (I Like That)” and “2 Bad” featuring recent 5 Fingers Of Death murderer Tish Hyman, Dope It’s Dom took to Twitter to reflect on his marketing scheme.

Seems like incredibly sound logic and “By Dom Kennedy” proves that the OPM general was indeed correct.  To support the movement make sure to grab the album on iTunes and follow Dom on Twitter (@DOPEITSDOM) for more simple yet effective logic.


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