Summer Walker Releases Single “Playing Games” and Teases Us With New Album

Summer Walker Releases Single “Playing Games” and Teases Us With New Album

Summer Walker has been teasing her fans since August 12th when she announced that her first album will be released this year titled “Over It.” Then 6 days later we were hit with her tour dates with a featured special guest that has not been disclosed yet. The exciting news was bittersweet when she tweeted “first and last tour”, we don’t know why this is the case but at this point, all we can do is enjoy the moment and keep the memories from the tour close to us.

Her last album Last Day of Summer stole the hearts of many and immediately had us fall in love with the R&B artist music. Summer Walker received her first Billboard Hot 100 entry with “Girls Need Love” featuring Drake which was indeed a huge accomplishment for the her. We are all aware of the talent she has and what she has the ability to do with it. It is exciting that we can soon add another project to the collection.

After the announcement of the debut album that we should be expecting by the end of the year, she gifted us with a single titled “Playing Games.” She allowed people to listen to the song before the actual date of release. All you had to do was text a number and you had a good chance to hear the single first before it hit streaming platforms.

When will the debut album be here? We have been pacified with a single but we want more! “Playing Games” is available on all music streaming platforms. Check it out below

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