Suga T on Helping Women Through Her Business Sprinkle Me, Coming up With her Brother E40, VH1 Hip Hop Honors + Spits an Acapella Freestyle!

Doing the math live on air with Sway, Bay Area emcee Suga T has been making music for nearly 30 years! Joining the show before heading to VH1’s Hip Hop Honors she opens up about her career as a rapper and multiple successful side ventures.

Coming up making records with her brother, Suga T and E40 were the first brother sister duo in hip hop to go platinum with “Sprinkle Me.” Opening up about how 40 protected her throughout her career, Suga T jokes about how she just recently discovered she is a women after keeping up with the boys for so many years.

Speaking on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Suga T confidently states that she can still rock the mic like a teenager. She opens up about how blessed she’s been and jokes about thinking her email was hacked when VH1 reached out to her.

Expanding past rap, Suga T candidly talks about creating her own business, Sprinkle Me Fragrance as she was transitioning out of an abusive relationship. He hard work helps mothers of children with autism as well as women who coming out of abusive relationships themselves.

Along with her business, Suga T is dropping a new album titled “Still Pushin’,” writing a book as well as producing a TV show called ‘YGC’ or the young grandmothers club.

Watch the full interview above complete with an acapella freestyle and keep up with Suga T on her website

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