SU Tech News: Is Soundcloud Ready to Introduce a Subscription Service?

SU Tech News: Is Soundcloud Ready to Introduce a Subscription Service?

We were warned awhile ago that Soundcloud will be moving into a Subscription based model, following the success of not only other digital streaming platforms but their very own incredible success and strong customer base. It has been one of the go to sources when artists want to surprise fans with a release, why? In large part because it was free and artists could easily monitor the demographics, pinpoint where their largest fan base was and make adjustments accordingly. It also provided easy entry for countless new artists to share music providing listeners with over 125 million songs to choose from in its library.

SoundCloud Go will charge $9.99 a month and you’ll get that familiar access to songs from popular artists but with ad-free streaming and an offline sync option. They’ve also improved their playlist creation capabilities and while many have their reservations about the user friendly aspect/functionality, give it some time. Change is typically met with resistance but growth is the result, give it a test run through their 30-day trial and form your opinion about the Soundcloud upgrade.

Soundcloud Go

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