SU Spotlight: Get to Know Soulful Up-and-Coming Artist, Ernie Gaines

Ernie SU

We recently came across Ernie Gaines, a diverse and unapologetic artist with music full of soul, and we had to spotlight him on our weekly up-and-coming artist feature.

Ernie just dropped his first single, Black Widow, and we caught up with him about it. Take a look at our exclusive below.

Who is Ernie Gaines?
Ernie Gaines: Ernie gaines is an enigma, a soul rebel…the future is in good hands as Ernie gaines is a visionary artist.

Describe your music in 3 words.
EG: Progressive – Universal – Inspirational

What’s the backstory on Black Widow?
EG: Black widow is a never ending love story about a girl I
used to know. Although physically we no longer exist, metaphysically
tht love burns eternally. Or is it all in my head?

What do you want fans to walk away with after listening to your music?
EG: I want fans to walk away with a true connection and a sense of
nostalgia when they listen to my music.

When can we look forward to a project?
EG: My debut album “Lost in Time ” is finished. A collection of 10 songs. 5 soul songs and 5 progressive rock songs. Right now all signs from the universe are pointing to a release soon. Get ready to get Lost In Time!

Twitter: erniegaines_
Instagram: @erniegaines
For more on Ernie Gaines:

Produced by Michael Sterling Eaton ft Ommas Keith, Thundercat and Miguel Atwood Ferguson — listen to Black Widow, below.


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