SU Spotlight: Get to Know Oakland's R&B Singer, Kehlani

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From Sway’s hometown of Oakland, Kehlani hits the web with her extremely anticipated project 19. So, it was only right that we give her the SU Spotlight.

Stream her project below and learn a little about this dime piece superstar, via her music-talk with Nicky G.

Nicky: Describe who KEHLANI is in 3 words.
Kehlani: Fearless, inspired, dreamer.

N: You’re from Oakland, how does that influence your music?
K: Oakland has its own soul and spirit. Its alive in every single person from there. Oakland raised me and gamed me, taught me everything i know.

N: How are you connected with Nick Cannon and how did yall meet?
K: I met Nick Cannon on Americas Got Talent, he’s like a mentor for me. More like a father figure even, he saved my life.

N: Living in LA now, how different is it from the Bay?
K: The bay is 100% culture and very very diverse. the bay is a melting pot. Theres all races in every hood, where as LA has its separate areas for different cultures. I love Los Angeles but the bay will always have my heart.

N: How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to hear it?
K: Its authentic, i dunno. Its RnB. RnB has got to be all the way real if you want to connect

N: Tell us about your project, how is it different than any projects/music in your past?
K: This is my first project! im really excited to get something out to the world.

N: How do you want your fans to feel after listening to your music?
K: happy. content. i want people to want to fall in love again. not only with others but with themselves and the world.

N: What do you want to be known for as an artist?
K: Empowering.. changing the world. I want to give a voice to those who dont have one.

N: Anything else you want to add?
K: Thank you to anyone who has ever supported me… it means the world to me. God Bless!

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