SU Spotlight: Get to Know Liane V

You may know Liane V from her hilarious Vine skits, or IG vids of her sweet dance-moves with her Pops — but what you may not know is that she’s a talented singer with a record on the radio!

We caught up with Liane for our SU Spotlight, and found out more about her growing movement. From millions of followers on social media, to traveling to perform on stages around the world, to — catch up below.

From Vine to the big stage, when did you know you wanted to do music?
I’ve always wanted to do music since I was a little girl.

What do you want your followers to know about your music?
I want my followers to know that music plays a big part of my life and I want to inspire people through my music.

You’ve gotten a lot of support for your music, we heard you did a collab with Sheikh — what do you guys have cooking up?
I did a collaboration with Shiekh and created an exclusive street wear line called NOAH which means New Opportunity And Hope. I wanted to design something personal, fun, and inspirational.

So far, you’ve collaborated with Trevor Jackson, Honey Coca and Jake&Papa — do you have any other cool collabs we can anticipate from you?
Yes, I’ll be collaborating with more artist. Can’t say who yet. It’s a surprise.

Do you ever see yourself retiring from Vine to pursue music 24/7?
I’ll still make vines for fun but eventually I will have to slow down on vine to pursue my music career.

What else is on your agenda for 2015?
A lot of traveling, new music, new videos, and more fun projects!

Follow @LoveLianeV and listen to her buzzing single, Don’t Be That Guy, plus more, below. Let us know what you think!

Here’s a little more about Liane’s collab with Shiekh Shoes and why it’s important to her to bot be boxed as a “viner.”

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