SU Spotlight: Cassius Tae Climb To The Top

SU Spotlight: Cassius Tae Climb To The Top

Deonté Gardner known as Cassius Tae is a rapper from the Southside of Chicago. Hip-hop and music in general, have always been a part of his life, but his hip-hop journey started at age 8. Being influenced by his surroundings and people from the block he grew up on, he decided to start taking music seriously at age 11. 

Being a college student causes your focus to be taken away from the things you love but Cassius Tae didn’t let that happen. He released his first project New Beginnings in 2015 while in college to help reflect on his new journey. During his college years at Central Michigan University, he never abandoned his craft and soon got recognized by the entire campus for it. He took the forefront at all campus events performing his latest music and continuing to actively build his music following. He even got the attention of Chicago Creatives and These Days where he discussed his journey as an artist and his new album at the time. 

After college is when he hit the ground running and didn’t have anything stopping him from putting his 100 percent effort into music. In 2018, he released his first project post-graduation, Moments In Time, the 2 track EP hit 200K plays on Spotify for the first time. From that point on, Cassius Tae became more consistent with releasing music and performing at venues around Chicago and Michigan.  

Tae did not stop applying pressure, shortly after the release of his EP he caught the attention of his fans with the release of his single “Home for the Summer” . The video dropped on the last day of summer which was a great way to close out the summer of 2018.

This track has been performed by Cassius Tae multiple times with an acoustic feel to create an intimate vibe that allows every lyric to be internalized. This song got the attention of the Chicago Publication Lyrical Lemonade where they referred to the track as a “summer anthem”.

Leading up to the release of his new single “Roses” which is set to drop during the beginning of October, Cassius Tae created #CassiusTaeTuesdays. A series of freestyles that drop every Tuesday. Check out a couple of them below and tune in to see what fire he will spit next.

Cassius Tae is a hip-hop artist that is definitely someone to be on the lookout for. Recognizing his extensive growth from 2015 till now, don’t be surprised if you start to see more of him. Might even catch him performing live on Fallon sooner than later.

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