SU Sports: 2015 NBA MVP Candidates, Hip Hop Match-Up

SU Sports: 2015 NBA MVP Candidates, Hip Hop Match-Up

Every basketball fan woke up today watching highlights of yesterday’s Lebron James and James Harden battle and has said to themselves, “that was amazing” at least twice. It was like watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals in March from technical fouls to clutch moments to the showmanship by Chef HardenThat level of excitement also occurred the same night the music world went into a frenzy as Drake released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late out of nowhere. The 2015 NBA MVP race and list of upcoming albums are making for two of the best discussions in years.

Let’s blur the music/sports lines and match-up a few of our favorites. Feel free to tweet us via @SwaysUniverse to let us know which duo will have the best year.

James Harden / Drake. “H-Town my second home like I’m James Harden.” If you ask who is playing the best basketball right now? James Harden and his 27ppg will be top 2 on every list and the proof was all over Sportscenter thanks to Sunday‘s performance. If you ask who is the best artist in the game right now? Many people will start with Drake and after the reception to If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late it is hard to argue with these two Houston favorites for MVP and Album of the Year.


Steph Curry / Kendrick Lamar. Although their approach is different, Curry being a bit more flashy while Kendrick appears more laid back, these two are turning into greats in front of our eyes. Steph Curry has led his team to being ranked #1 in almost every statistical category, the best record in the league (46-11) and just so happens to be averaging around 23 and 8 himself. Those sound like MVP acceptance speech numbers. Kendrick has made an enormous impact and continues to improve combining elements into an artist in ways that have yet to be executed so well. After watching the SNL performance and most recently hearing “Blacker The Berry”, he is scary good. These two make for an interesting West Coast squad with endless potential.


Lebron James / Kanye West. There are rare times when such a high level of potential, hype and skill actually become exactly what we wanted and beyond. Lebron James has been playing at an insane level consistently so long, the expectations for him seem impossible at this point. James holds 4 MVP trophies already so what will it take for him to win again this year? While his counterpart Kanye has been adding Grammys to the collection for years, the same question is always presented. You have accomplished so much? How do you top it? The way his new album So Help Me God is shaping up, that could very well be the answer. Midwest duo is tough.


Russell Westbrook / Lil Wayne. “I’m a beast / I’m a dawg” Wayne may have been the one to say it but that accurately describes how Russell Westbrook is playing. In the month of February, he averaged 30 points-9 assists-10 rebounds per game. Fans are slowly letting “Westbrook be Westbrook” and that intensity put him at the top of the MVP ballot this year. Much of that same confidence/attitude led Weezy to say he was the “Best Rapper Alive” and reemerged as he gave fans Sorry for the Wait 2 feeling held back. Since then he has hinted at a FreeWeezy project and what about the Carter V? Album(s) of the Year potential? Between their undying will to win and level of skill, these two present a lifelong challenge to whoever wants that top spot.

Don’t forget to hit us up via @SwaysUniverse and give us your thoughts on which two will have the better 2015 collectively.

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