SU News: North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman is Making a Different Through Community Policing

SU News: North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman is Making a Different Through Community Policing
Photo via GoFundMe

Police across the country have been put under a microscope in the past week after the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile nearly 24 hours apart. Among the madness and scandals one police officer in North Little Rock, Arkansas is receiving praise for his work in the community. Officer Tommy Norman was recognized by The Game’s oldest son, Harlem as a GoFundMe page was started to help support Norman’s charitable work. Since it hit the web yesterday, The Game and Harlem have helped raised $46k with the goal of $50k by the time the page closes. Harlem had this to say on GoFundMe:

Every police interaction does not have to be a negative one and Officer Norman is changing that one person at a time. He has changed the way he approaches the community he patrols and is committed to building strong relationships with the residents. The money raised will be used to help Officer Norman continue his mission strengthening the community. We will be purchasing and delivering items such as snacks, drinks, and toys for him to keep his trunk stocked for the kids and members of the community. We are The Robin Hood Project!!!

Norman’s Instagram page is full of fun-loving interaction with people of the community of North Little Rock. Boasting nearly 100k followers, Norman’s work has spanned over years and this is not the first time he’s been recognized for his efforts. Last year Killer Mike spoke to CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin about Norman’s positive example of the way police officers should patrol in their community. Baldwin later spoke to Norman directly about his work, “I want to inspire people, not just other police officers but other people in the community” he says on air. “It’s a partnership between the police and the community, we have to work to make our community a safer place place.”

You can donate the Harlem’s GoFundMe page for Tommy Norman HERE and scroll through a few Instagram posts below to see some of Norman’s outstanding work in the city of North Little Rock.

This is what happy looks like! 👮🏽🙌🏽💯 #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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Once they see the police car, it’s a wrap! 🚔💯👮🏽 #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

A video posted by Tommy Norman (@tnorman23) on

It’s this simple! 🙌🏽💯👮🏽 #CommunityPolicing #StayCommitted

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