"Style Crazy with Qwaci": NYC Citizens Chime In for Most Stylish Men in the World

By Maria-Karmina

GQ Magazine has just recently released their top picks to “The Most Stylish Men Alive.” Amongst that list lies familiar names such as Bradley Cooper, Lebron James — and with no surprise to the Hip Hop world: A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and Pharrell.

The Most Stylish Men Alive-Sways-Universe

Our own, Qwaci has played a little Man-On-The-Street on a segment called “Style Crazy with Qwaci.” In this premiere episode, Qwaci was able to gain some perspectives from New Yorkers on their opinions, as to whom they believe to be the most stylish men alive. You may be a little surprised who they chose. Watch and listen to the thoughts, below:


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