Stepping Into A New Lane: Meet The New Spotify

The arrival of newbies like TIDAL may work in favor of consumers, as other platforms have already started evaluating their own services. Looking to expand Spotify announced they’ll finally  deliver new features like video content, allowing users to watch everything from clips to their favorite TV shows. With networks like Adult Swim already on board, it’ll be interesting to see which shows migrate over first.

It doesn’t stop there though. In addition to Podcasts, they’ll also be offering an intuitive option to search and suggest music based on the intensity of each workout. Slightly similar to Beats Music’s feature which suggests music based on mood.

Having already streamed more than 25 billion hours since it’s initial launch, it’s clear that the demand is there. What’s not clear however is whether users actually want to use Spotify for all of their streaming needs. No word yet on when the changes will actually take place.

Manatt Digital Media executive Peter Csathy explained, “With a much broader spectrum of content, it has the potential to touch more lives. If Spotify can create that recipe, if it strikes the right balance, then it will draw people into the fold.”


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