Stay Above The Trees At Naked Stables Resort

Stay Above The Trees At Naked Stables Resort

Your next vacation should take you far away from reality, letting you enjoy and experience something different. The Naked Stables Resort will allow you to do exactly that and more, providing some amazing views of China in the process. The Naked Stables Resort is located on a hillside at the foot of Moganshan bringing luxury and primitive techniques together seamlessly for a unique destination.

The hotel is made of 121 treehouse villas, constructed from stone masonry, traditional mud walls, and reclaimed timber frames. The destination is surrounded by a bamboo forest while each room features beautiful glazing and private balconies. A trio of restaurants serve a variety of food, offering up casual poolside dining to European cuisine. Activities include horseback riding, yoga, hiking, biking, golfing, and fishing, as well as some traditional activities like tea picking, bamboo weaving, and pottery. Have A look at this beautiful retreat and start planning your stay immediately right here, right now!

Photos provided by Naked Resorts

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