With the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death still fresh, Missouri residents are once again at odds with local law enforcement following an officer involved shooting in North St. Louis. The victim has been identified as recent high school graduate Mansur Ballbey, who according to his family was affectionately known as “Man Man.” While details are still emerging,  Ballbey reportedly has no prior criminal record with the exception of one traffic violation.

As many sought to understand what happened, confusion quickly turned into terror as the St. Louis PD responded by reportedly firing tear gas into crowds and neighborhoods alike; drawing sharp criticism from those inadvertently hit while inside of their own homes and nearby churches.

While officials including St. Louis Chief of Police Sam Dotson have yet to make a statement, many residents have taken to Social Media to share tales of searing tear gas and rubber bullets in what many claim is a gross excessive use of police force.


This story is still developing.

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