Spike Lee Sits Down Bernie Sanders To Talk About Education, Marijuana Legalization & Gun Violence

The New York primary is coming up and every vote counts.  Spike Lee sat down with Bernie Sanders, fellow Brooklynite and candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, to discuss older people dying, his plan if he was elected President, and gun violence against minorites.

The 18 minute video gives an inside look on what Bernie’s about whether you’re voting for him or not.  He speaks on free education: “People need more education…free tuition in public colleges and universities…if we can do it fifty years ago, we can do it today” and the 74-year old candidate feels very strongly that he’ll win New York’s vote: “I think we’re going to win New York, I think it’s a tough fight, but I think we’re going to win“.  He’s got Spike Lee’s vote, how about yours?  Watch above.

Spike Lee discusses upcoming project “Sweet Blood of Jesus” and advances in film making on Sway in the Morning.

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