Speed & Style Invade The Water With The Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

Speed and style are not only found in machines on the land. We have seen some exceptional designs for the air and water, and today we get a look at a Hydroplane that brings together both speed and style, as well as a touch of luxury to the water; The Alpha Centauri Hydroplane.

This striking and rather impressive machine features a futuristic look that is powered by a 9.5-liter Chevy V8 engine. Pushing out 750 horsepower, this bad boy is capable of hitting speeds up to 60 knots. The hydroplane is built with a stainless steel frame wrapped in a lightweight composite shell. Inside we find leather-lined bucket seats, a sound system, and Raymarine navigation for a lavish appeal. Have a look at the sleek, modern design in the images below and learn more at ACB immediately.

Photos provided by ACB

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