Space Invadaz Speak on Cohesiveness of the Cincinnati Music Scene, Working With Talib Kweli + Perform Tracks from their Project “Contact” in our Live Concert Series

There’s something special brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio and the legendary Talib Kweli has taken notice. Formed from members Buggs The Rocka, a young emcee with lyrical content beyond his years, and Donte The Great from Mood who produced hits like “Karma” and “Hustle On The Side,” the Space Invadaz recently took over our Sway in the Morning concert series.

Speaking on coming up in Cincy and the cohesiveness of the music scene, Buggs details how he first met Donte and the rest is history. Working with the likes of Talib Kweli, Chuck Inglish, Hi-Tek and Kweli, the group recently released their project “Contact.”

Dropping gems during their sit down with Sway and the crew the Space Invadaz open up about the violence in Ohio and losing their good friend Sam Dubose. They keep their heads high though as they pledge to stick together for the city and rise above what is taking place.

Closing out their time in the studio we are blessed with a performance from Buggs and Donte backed by DJ Clockwork, these dudes mean business as they rip apart the mic looking for another invitation back to the show to freestyle. Check the video out below and head to the Space Invadaz website for more information as well as their project “Contact.”

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