Soundset 2016: Lizzo Helps Khloe Kardashian Pick a New Man + Transgender Bathroom Debate

Soundset 2016 was like a homecoming concert for Lizzo after her recent tour run after announcing her deal with Atlantic Records. Rolling through hits from “Big Grrrl Small World” as well as her Barbershop featured cut “Good As Hell,” Lizzo brought some serious energy.

Sitting down with Tracy G she spoke on the difference in set list between a normal concert and a festival like Soundset. Moving on Lizzo recommends a new man for Khloe Kardashian to date before moving into more serious topics.

Joking about marrying a French man if Trump is elected president, she speaks on working out a Canadian and UK passport. Ending things on a strong note she speaks candidly about the controversy surrounding the transgender bathroom debate.

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