Soundset 2016 Cypher PT 1: 9 Year Old Dej Khi, Hawkman Get It, J Plaza, Lizea Harper and Dispute One

If Sway in the Morning hits the road, you know there is going to be a long line of hungry hyenas waiting with hopes of grabbing that mic and shocking the world with their homegrown bars. This time around it was the twin cities time to represent as we invaded our very own Taylor Lovaas’ stomping grounds looking for the true MCs.

How talented do you think you’d be if you started honing those skills at age 9? Our very first hyena proved that she knows how to rock the crowd no matter how young and the courage it takes to be the very first one to represent for the city speaks for itself. One of a kind start and each artist followed through with unique flows of the dopest 16 bars in front of hometown wordsmith Prof. When you get his nod of his approval you know you’re doing something right.



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