Soundset 2015: More Hungry Rappers Step To the Mic in Our 2nd Cypher

We found ourselves caught in the middle of the lions den in Minneapolis during our live broadcast of Sway In The Morning.  Hungry lions that were ready to step up to the mic and tear it up.  This next set of emcees includes an individual that traveled to 3 cities to get on One Shot Show, a 2015 Soundset performer as well as a trio of spitters known as BLVCK SPVCE.

Give them a listen and let us know whose got it and who doesn’t.  Don’t worry though, if you don’t like what you hear there’s much more to come from 50 different spitters that stepped up to the mic.

In order (@YungGetIt@KnoxGhostLife@GoodKarmaNiles@ninetybvby@RPHOOKS and @SeanAnonymous)

  1. Sean Anonymous, is what’s up… that’s my dude!! killed that cypher, so pumped for he and Dimitry Killstorm’s new project, comin up!!!!!! Be on the look out!

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