Soundset 2015: Dessa Applies Philosophy Degree to Life and Music While Dem Atlas Breaks Down his Track "DSORDR" That Came From his Experience in Baltimore

If you didn’t already know that Minnesota is filled with incredible hip-hop talent, you’re going to find out very soon!  We were joined by two North Star State natives Dessa and Dem Atlas during our live broadcast at Fifth Element during Soundset 2015 weekend.

We start off with Dessa who dives into her background in philosophy which she has a BA in.  Relating her experience to life and the way she makes music, Dessa reveals that she has always had broad horizons that include lunch time diss offs or capping battles in elementary school.

She also shares some very unique experiences she had on her first headlining tour that took her through Europe and South Africa.  We’ll just say it includes an eye patch and bed bugs, you’ll have to watch the full interview for the full story.

Meanwhile, Rhymesayers’ Dem Atlas gives us an inside look into his recent time spent in Baltimore and the song that came out of the experience titled “DSORDR.”  Dem also speaks on his time on the road with Pro Era and his tactic to keep clean drawers while on the road.

Check out the full interview below and keep up with these talented midwesterners on Twitter @dessadarling & @dematlas.

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