"Sorry to Interrupt" your day but Jessie J, Jhene Aiko & RIxton have something to say

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The feeling of Summer is among us: no school, hotter weather and tunes to accompany a good day by the pool are dropping left and right. Jessie J, Jhené Aiko and RIxton just dropped another one for us to enjoy titled, “Sorry to Interrupt.” Last year, Jessie J took charge of the charts with her track featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj in their radio anthem, “Bang Bang” — and now she’s set to do it again.

DJ Mustard provides the beat for the track, as Jessie J sings the chorus:

We about to change the pace, we’re gonna need some space / Get out the way, so sorry to interrupt / I got somethin’ to say, attention please / Mic check, I need you to turn me up / We about to change the pace, we’re gonna need some space

And Jhené provides a quick vocal cameo in the track with a short verse stating,

Took a flight up, every day I’m birds-eye viewin’ / From your mouth to the street, watch me blow through and do it /

Stop for a minute, jealous talk, I get off when I hear it / I do it like I do ‘cause the game ain’t finished

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well I know Jessie J and I obvsiously know Jhené. But who the heck is this Rixton character?

Well, if you haven’t heard of Rixton yet, I got you. Rixton are a Pop-ish/R&B Band from the UK, consisting of four members. Jake Roche, leads the vocals and then we have Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin. So there you have it. No, Rixton is not just one person (at least, I thought so).

Take a listen to Summer’s next favorite tune, below:


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