SonReal Gives Marketing Advice, Talks Hip-Hop & Tackles 5 Fingers of Death on Sway in the Morning

Canadian rapper SonReal stopped by the show and talked his emergence into music and journey since his start.

The 31-year-old explained that the skate park is where he began listening to the New York hip hop that would eventually turn into an obsession. His biggest inspirations, Nas and Mobb Deep, inspired his rap name and ultimately his original style of rapping.

Years later the rapper has been through audio engineering school to learn to mix his own records and progressed with the help of his parents, producers, and friends. He explained that he believes in his music and doesn’t think of the first week sales, and how quickly the music gains traction as a defining factor.

“Real music just wins. Whether it wins first day, first week, two months, three years later; real music is gonna win at some point.”

Check out the full interview and hear his five fingers of death freestyle below.

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