So the 58th Grammy Awards aired last night and was throughly enjoyed by every music fan out there. Peep the highlights:

So the 58th Grammy Awards aired last night and was throughly enjoyed by every music fan out there. Peep the highlights:

Before we go into too much detail about last’s night broadcast of the 2016 Grammy Awards, we first want to make it very clear that King Kendrick definitely won last night.

Aside from the 5 categories he won awards in, his performance was the highlight of the night. Yes, performances from artists such as the beautiful Andra Day and Demi Lovato (who KILLED the Lionel Richie tribute, btw) were enjoyable to watch; however, K.Dot performance left the crowd speechless. Literally.


First off, this guy walks out in shackles with his back up dancers dressed in full prison apparel behind him. Once the beat dropped, it low-key electrified the room (and everyone that was watching at home with their surround sound on 100). He started with the soulful, “The Blacker The Berry” and of course switched it to our modern anthem “Alright”.

01-Kendrick-Lamar-performance-grammy-2016-billboard-650It was safe to say that K.Dot achieved his goal of raising eyebrows and satisfying minds at the dame d*mn time. Overall, amazing performance and congratulations on big win.


The night also featured notable moments such as the tribute to Lionel Richie. With the help of John Legend, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan and Tyrese; the tribute turned out to be one the Lionel was proud of. Who knew Demi had a voice on her like that…


Justin Beiber came out and did an acoustic rendition of his hit “Love Yourself” from his latest album, Purpose. Diplo and Skrillex then joined him on stage to perform fan favorite “Where Are You Now”.


And then right before they closed out their amazing show, Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year award and during her acceptance speech, things got real. T.Swizzy was speaking on how she was disgusted that people “take credit for her fame” and many people speculated if that was about the controversial lyrics on Kayne’s new album.

We must say, the 2016 Grammy’s definitely kept us on the edge our seat. Congratulations to all of the 58th Grammy Award Winners… We see you Ed Sheeran.


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