So So Def takeover! Take a listen to Jermaine Dupri & Bow Wow new track "Where You At?"

Calling all my Bow Wow fans, this one is for you! Before, Bow Wow completely leaves his rap days behind him, he wants to go out with a bang. According to, the two fellas gave the people an exclusive sit-down too discuss the track and JD’s new EP. Check out what they had to say below:

“Whoever my pops with I’m with,” Bow Wow told Billboard. “I started it out with Jermaine and Snoop, I’m gonna finish it out with J.D. and Snoop. Right now, J.D.’s playing my Phil Jackson—I’m Michael. I always wanted to have my family, to win with my day ones.

“WYA” was the result of a lot of time in the studio — but nobody said it was all work and no play. “When we’re working on party records, I’m telling Jermaine I’m packing the studio with like 30 people,” Bob Wow says of recording the tune. “We have a club in the studio.”


 “We need a lot of good music,”  Jermaine Dupri says. “It’s a redundant situation going on in the music business right now. I’m trying to break that, by putting out new fresh music with collaborations with people that aren’t the normal collaborations that people keep doing every day.”

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