Snow Tha Product: “I’m Doing Better Than Most Popular Artists” Is She the Next Hip Hop Queen? + Freestyles and Talks New Project “Halfway There”

There are interviews and there are conversations, the latter happens more often when artists are truly comfortable with who they are and know where they stand on important issues. Snow Tha Product recently stopped by Sway in the Morning and a very important conversation transpired.

Starting off “Raising The Bar,” Snow Tha Product has been diligently working for many years now. With her new project “Halfway There” coming soon, Snow opens up about growing up in the Bay Area and how that gave her a certain demeanor.

Never afraid to speak out, Snow flexes her knowledge on Twitter and Sway is all for it. He reads some of her most powerful tweets as she speaks on Latino culture and how people need to stand up for each other, no matter which sub-culture they are from. She also breaks down her thoughts on the recent tragedies this country has faced. She makes it clear that she will state her pure thoughts and her loyal fans will stick by her side.

Playing some new music from the project, Snow breaks down her track “No Cut” as she affirms her spot among elite emcees, male or female. Although she hasn’t seen the big lights like some other artists she is proud to have done things her own way, make quality music and sell out headlining tours across the country.

Before leaving she kicks an intense acapella freestyle showing the world that she stands with the best. Check out the full interview above and keep up with Snow Tha Product on Twitter @SnowThaProduct.

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